Hey, Look: Amazon’s THE TICK Has A First Season Trailer

After an excellent series pilot, THE TICK is headed back to Amazon.

We did not talk enough about The Tick when it hit Amazon's pilot season last year, but rest assured that Birth.Movies.Death. is definitely a Tick household.

The series - which stars the always-welcome Peter Serafinowicz (as The Tick) and noted Twitter personality Griffin Newman (as the Tick's put-upon sidekick, Arthur) - is big and colorful and clever in all the ways you'd want a Tick TV series to be, and we were very happy to learn that it'd been picked up for a full season.

Now we're hyped about this trailer, which looks to deliver on the promise of that pilot. 

As you know, this isn't the first TV series based on The Tick. Hell, it's not even the second: we've seen both an animated Tick series and a short-lived, moderately-wacky live-action version that aired on FOX years ago. Speaking as a fan of the character, neither of those versions really rocked my world, but Amazon's version definitely hit my sweet spot: it's silly but not cartoonish, just a smidge darker than I expected. It's also very, very funny. 

If you've not already seen the pilot, I strongly recommend doing so via Amazon the next time you've got thirty minutes to kill. You'll wanna be all caught up for when The Tick returns to the streaming service on August 25th (note: this first season's been divided into two six-episode parts, the second will begin airing in early 2018).