Neill Blomkamp’s New Short Is A Little Bit ALIEN, A Little Bit THE THING

That sounds reductive, but the comparison's valid. Added bonus: short's definitely worth watching.

As a site, Birth.Movies.Death. has not been shy about critiquing Neill Blomkamp's work as a director. We have also been, oh, let's just call it "less than enthused" about Blomkamp's (now scuttled) plans for Alien 2.5. But credit where credit's due - these new shorts he's been releasing via Oats Studios? Pretty damn great.

The published the very first one - Rakka - just a few weeks ago. If you took our advice on that, you might be interested to know that Blomkamp's latest short, Zygote (Volume One), also makes for pretty damn fine viewing. It's a little bit The Thing and a little bit Alien, with the added bonus of having a truly repulsive creature as its big draw.

I don't wanna spoil the surprise, though, so set aside 20-some-odd minutes and give this a whirl.

Pretty cool, right? I'm particularly fond of the design work on that creature (if nothing else, it has me convinced that an adaptation of Clive Barker's "In The Hills, The Cities" is something that definitely needs to happen), and I'm once again impressed by the production value that's on display here. More of this stuff, please, Neill Blomkamp.

What do you guys think? Are you enjoying these as much as we are or what?