The World Is No Longer Getting A David Ayer SCARFACE Movie

And the world is a lesser place for it.

First, the upcoming new Scarface movie had Antoine Fuqua, and it had my attention. Then it lost Fuqua and my attention. Then it got David Ayer, and my attention was regained. Now it has lost him too, and I no longer give a shit about this movie. We’ll see how it feels in a month when it gets and loses Walter Hill.

Yep, according to Variety, Ayer is out. Apparently, this doesn’t have anything to do with the script's lack of swearing or crazy masculine posturing but rather a scheduling conflict involving Ayer’s promotional duties for his Netflix OrcCop film Bright.

We’ll see if another story surfaces over time, but for now, the real question is who will take over this production, which is supposed to be on kind of a fast track. I’m sure a name will come soon (I was kidding about it being Walter Hill, but hey, what if?).