Uncle Mike Tells Shia To Get His Shit Together

Can the Transformers series save a soul?

One of the best parts of this summer’s big Transformers movie was a photographic cameo from Shia LaBeouf’s Sam Witwicky, which kind of made me miss the guy for the first time since the first five minutes of the first movie.

I might not be the only one. CinePOP asked Michael Bay about a possible Shia return to the franchise, and his response was rather positive:

He can come back. If he stays out of jail he can come back. He’s been in jail quite a bit in America, so if he stays out of jail long enough he can come back.

Spoken like a true uncle. Bay cares. Not quite like a father would care, but he’s got an eye out for young Shia. If the kid wants to ruin his life, let him ruin his life. If he wants to come back to the fold, that’s cool too.

But like most youngsters, Shia is not yet ready to accept that love (warning NSFW language):

I do not understand the point of this particular performance art piece.