ARROW’s Black Canary Finally Gets A Super Suit

Looks like Dinah Drake is starting to feel comfortable with her new moniker.

Arrow has had a hard time sorting out the Black Canary. First we had Sara Lance as Canary, who wasn't too far off from what fans would typically look for in the bad ass hero. She didn't have powers, but early on Arrow had a very strong focus on staying grounded in reality. After Sara's untimely death came her sister, Laurel Lance. She did take on the full name of "Black Canary"; unfortunately, miss Laurel said "it's not fair" a little bit too much to do the Bird of Prey justice. With her sacrfice in season four, there was some speculation that we'd never really get the Black Canary in the show at all. Then came Dinah Drake.

Though she didn't get as much action as she should have in her first season, Dinah stepped into the role of Black Canary relatively quickly. Unfortunately, she wasn't quite comfortable enough to take on the name right off the bat. This acted as both character building for her, and as a way to ease fans in to the idea of another new Black Canary in Star City. Though up until this point she had been costume-less, she embodied the heroine as soon as she took to the streets of Star City and got to know the team. And now she has a shiny new suit!

Cisco just keeps getting better and better at making these super suits. (Shout out to the real maker of super suits, Maya Mani!) It's not the traditional Canary costume, which is appropriate since this is Arrow and there's not really anything traditional about it. She does have her bo staff, and her mask is sharp. Whoever edited the photo even gave traditionalists a few blonde highlights.

With Dinah's new suit comes a newfound confidence, or, rather, the newfound confidence leads to the suit. When we come in on season six, we're starting five months after the incident. This means the first five minutes of the season will likely be deeply annoying scares as to who made it and who didn't, but it's the CW and that's how the world works. It sounds like Team Arrow (or what's left of it) has become a well-oiled machine once again when we check in with them in the beginning, but this season won't be without shake-ups.

Here's what showrunner Wendy Mericle had to say about the overall theme for season six:

We’re really leaning into this idea of family, and what it’s like to deal with your own biological family, but also to deal with your found family, and the natural emotional conflicts that arise when you have to choose between or balance both of them. Oliver and everybody else, all of our main characters will be grappling with that.

You can check out Entertainment Weekly's full interview with Wendy Mericle here. Meanwhile, what are your thoughts on the new Black Canary digs, and the overall premise leading into season six?