The DARKEST HOUR Trailer: Gary Oldman Does A Damn Fine Winston Churchill

This one's got Oscar written all over it.

The first trailer for Joe Wright's Darkest Hour has arrived, and - as expected - Gary Oldman looks to be absolutely crushing it as former British PM Winston Churchill. If you've not already seen the set photos revealing Oldman in full Chuchill mode, well, buckle up. It's a pretty startling transformation.

Like so:

Oldman looks great, you've got Ben Mendelsohn dropping in as King George VI, you've got Joe Wright onboard in the director's chair (let's all just agree to forget that Pan happened, yeah?). We've got no complaints here. Darkest Hour looks very solid. A little stiff, perhaps, but solid. We're there for it.

Here's an official plot synopsis, for those of you who remain unfamiliar with this Winston Churchill character:

"In 1940, Prime Minister Churchill is pressured to make a deal with Hitler that would turn Britain into a puppet of the Third Reich, but his courage and immortal speeches lead Britain on to victory."

Darkest Hour arrives in theaters in select cities on November 22nd. You in or what?