Wally West Steps Up As THE FLASH In Season 4

Keiynan Lonsdale spotted in the scarlet suit.

That was fast.

The Flash season 3 may have utterly mucked up its finale, but by getting Barry Allen out of the picture, even temporarily, it allows for a successor to take up his mantle. The second most famous Flash, former “Kid Flash” Wally West, replaced his mentor and uncle-in-law in the comics (his brother in law on the show, but also his adopted brother; don’t ask) as The Fastest Man Alive for a number of decades. After the show introduced Wally in season 2 and turned him in to the yellow-suited sidekick in season 3, it appears they’ve allowed him to go Full-Flash for a bit this fall:

The set snaps posted here are of Keiynan Lonsdale and/or a stunt double, all but confirming that Wally West will become The Flash next season. Now, this being a time-travel and multiverse-heavy show, this could hypothetically have something to do with an alternate setting (or a dream, since Wally getting his powers was tied to those on the show), but the pieces appear to line up. It won’t be long before Barry returns and asks for his suit back, but if the show hopes to line up with the current Rebirth comics, Wally could end up with his own red gear in the vein of his classic yellow rather than mooching off his big brother.

The fan mock-ups of that idea look pretty neat as well:

The Flash returns on October 10th.