The Exhilarating Opening Sequence From BABY DRIVER Is Now Online

Relive the magic.

We know, because you're a Birth.Movies.Death. reader, that you are possessed of immaculate cinematic taste. You don't really need us to tell you to see The Big Sick and War For The Planet Of The Apes and Baby Driver because you've already got such decisions on lock. 

But let's say, just for the sake of discussion, that you've somehow found yourself on the fence about seeing Baby Driver. Maybe you recently suffered a substantial head injury, or "car chase movies" aren't your thing, or you are gripped by an inexplicable (and shameful) aversion to Jon Hamm. Maybe you need just one final push to get you onboard with Edgar Wright's latest. 

Maybe this clip, which shows off the film's opening five minutes, will help.

Wouldn't you like more of that? Perhaps 113 minutes' worth of it? Wouldn't you like to experience joy in a movie theater this weekend? If you enjoyed the clip above, be aware that Baby Driver can help make that happen. It's in theaters everywhere right now and it'll plaster a smile on your face that'll last for days. Bonus: it's got a killer soundtrack.

All of this is probably irrelevant, of course. As we've already established, you're a Birth.Movies.Death. reader. You already knew all this. For you, the video above is there so that you might relive the magic one more time, before picking up Baby Driver when it hits Blu-ray later this year.

You're welcome.