THE LAYOVER Trailer: Watch Alexandra Daddario and Kate Upton Try To Kill Each Other

Y'know, if you're into that.

Here's the trailer for director William H. Macy's (!!) new film, The Layover. It's the very down-to-earth, relatable story of a sexy Plain Jane type (Alexandra Daddario) who goes to war with her sexy best friend (Kate Upton) over a sexy dude (Matt Barr) they both just met. 

I'm not sure what to say. Who knew William H Macy swung this way? I don't need to list all the ways this movie is going to upset people. Good on Macy for following his heart, I guess? Even if that heart steers him toward a feature-length catfight between two of the most beautiful women on screen?

To be clear, in case you have yet to click - and we implore you to click - this is a movie whose marketing went with this.

The film also seems to feature America's Sweetheart Alexandra Daddario (#AliDada to the BMD staff) taking a shit, then being covered in that shit. I've watched Texas Chainsaw more than once for this lady and man, I just don't know. 

Lord, give me strength.

The Layover opens September 1st.