Check Out This Amazing Behind-The-Scenes Footage From THE LAST JEDI

There will be a time when we'll see Carrie Fisher's face and not burst into tears, right?

Hey, did y'all know that there's a new Star Wars movie coming out later this year? Who knew! Lest we forget about the upcoming addition to the ongoing Skywalker saga, the crew behind The Last Jedi brought a shiny and new behind the scenes reel with them to D23.

Check it out:

While there's not a whole lot we didn't already know about happening here, there's still plenty to be excited about. They packed in plenty of shots of the late Carrie Fisher (ensuring that I cried through most of it), we've got Rey going through her training (and a quintessential Jedi shot to go along with it), Rose undercover with the Empire and a cast and crew that clearly had a blast making this movie.

Since The Last Jedi is only a few months away, we're quickly getting to the point where Disney's gonna be throwing every little thing they can about the movie onto every single screen we look at, but it's nice to have a glimpse behind the curtain and see some laughs here and there. What are you hoping for most in the coming film?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in December.