It’s Official: Disney’s Live-Action ALADDIN Has A Cast

You ain't never had friends like them.

The D23 Expo is always a host of new and exciting Disney news of what's to come and details on projects we already knew about. We've got the Hulk on the ground with highlights from panels if you want to follow his coverage, but for now, let's talk Aladdin! I

f Disney was having a hard time choosing their Aladdin, it's all been sorted out now. The team behind the upcoming live-action Disney project took the stage to announce three of the biggest cast members: Aladdin, Jasmine, and Genie.

Naomi Scott (Power Rangers) will be taking on the role of Princess Jasmine, Mena Massoud (Jack Ryan) will be the false Prince himself, Aladdin, and Will Smith (... you know who Will Smith is) will be taking on the Genie.

Massoud comes into the project as a mostly unknown factor, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Disney doesn't mess around with their casting, but the Aladdin-to-be not having a huge reel saves him from the potential cocked eyebrows that come along with Will Smith's casting. Smith's a good actor with a lot of credits under his belt, but he's got some big, pointy shoes to fill. Thankfully for Naomi Scott, her portrayal of the sassy and smart Pink Ranger in the recent Power Rangers remake has resulted in mostly positive response to her taking on the strong and stubborn Princess Jasmine.

While we still don't know when the Aladdin remake will be making its way to theaters, we know that it's got Guy Ritchie taking the directors reigns and John August is behind the screenplay. Now that they've got their three main roles sorted out, more details on the project should be headed our way soon. What are your thoughts on the casting news?