TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN Review: Episode 10

Love (and Richard Horne) is in the air.

This week’s episode felt quite similar to last week’s in that we still seem to be in a kind of transitional era in which Lynch and Frost are drawing together all the different threads introduced in episodes one through seven. Last week that focus was on Evil Coop, Major Briggs and William Hastings. This week we’re focused more on Richard Horne and the noose tightening around poor Dougie Jones' neck.

But I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him. After seeing our boy shirtless at the doctor, Janey-E decides she wants herself a slice of that pie, and it turns out that coffee isn’t the only thing that can make Dougie smile. He’s not the only one getting some romance this week, as we get to witness (along with a proud Gordon and a whatever face she’s making Tammy) Gordon going on a date with Constance, a match we were all hoping for.

It’s nice to hang our hat on good things as there’s so much misery to be found elsewhere in this episode. Almost all of it thanks to Richard Horne. This week we got to watch this piece of shit murder a snitch and choke and rob Sylvia Horne before splitting town thanks to some help from fellow piece of shit Chad. I know Twin Peaks isn’t about gratifying viewer wishes, but I want these assholes dealt with. Same goes for Caleb Landry Jones, who returns just long enough to terrorize Amanda Seyfried with his awful mustache.

We spend a lot of time in Las Vegas this episode, as the Mitchum Brothers, Patrick Fischler and Tom Sizemore all deal with the fallout of Ike’s arrest last week. This is all good stuff, but except for the performances (I am LOVING James Belushi in this) it might rub right up against pedestrian if not for whatever the hell is going on with Candie. Girl accidentally hit her dude while swatting a fly. How that turned her into the female Dougie Jones is a side-mystery I’m not sure what to do with.

And speaking of things I don’t know how to interpret… well first off there’s Gordon’s drawing, which I’m just letting go for now. Immediately following that, Albert knocks on the door and Gordon answers it only to experience a vision of Laura Palmer. This is a strange event as Gordon has never been all that close to the Palmer case. I’m fine with admitting I don’t know what it means, but I am hoping that it means something good for the FBI team. The show is so great at whatever it chooses to do that I’m not getting impatient with it, but I would like this roving crew of FBI agents to start getting ahead of the curve a little. They keep chasing already-hit balls. This week, it’s the fact that Diane is communicating with Evil Coop. Gordon claims he knew when she hugged him. I’m not ready for this to be a thing. I need Diane on our side, and I’ve emailed David Lynch like five times tonight telling him that, so I think it’s going to be okay.

But after all this stuff (I didn’t even mention Jacoby, Nadine’s store, or the Horne Brothers’ separate conundrums) it seems like all that really matters this week is the Log Lady’s phone call to Hawk, in which she tells us that the “circle is almost complete”, the light is fading, and “Laura is the one”. I’m just as lost as you guys (though I kind of think Laura is going to kill BOB before this whole thing ends), but that’ll be a fun monologue to chew on until next week.

And for real, what is going on with Candie?