Behold! The First Trailer For THE DISASTER ARTIST

Oh hai, James Franco.

The Disaster Artist is a real movie that is actually happening. It’s based on The Room, another real movie that actually happened, and by all accounts, it’s great! James Franco plays the notorious Tommy Wiseau, whose self-written & directed self-starrer spawned a monthly midnight screening cult that continues to this day, alongside brother Dave Franco as co-star Greg Sestero, the guy who wrote the tell-all book the movie is based on.

Now that you have all the context you’ll ever need (short of an actual screening, because those things are mountains of fun), here’s what you came here for:

Oh man. Okay. I laughed really hard at that.

Granted, I happen to fall right in the center of where the “ironic The Room fans” and “unironic James Franco fans” circles happen to intersect, but I have a feeling this one’s going to special regardless of how anyone feels about this bizarre and, admittedly, on its way to being even more over-exposed phenomenon. Franco better get that Spring Breakers Oscar for this one!

A24 will release The Disaster Artist on December 1st.