Dive in to the origin of Diana Prince.

Wonder Woman created waves when it arrived last month, and that current is probably strong enough to give Professor Marston and the Wonder Women the push it needs come October. Based on the true story of the character’s creator(s), the lives they led, and all the decisions and points of view that resulted in the Diana Prince we know, this film sure has chosen its moment.

Take a look:

"A person is most happy when they are submissive to loving authority."

As a fan of cinema touching on taboo subjects, I’m pleased. As someone who’s studied and written about Wonder Woman’s history, I’m ecstatic.

If at first it seems like a queer, kinky, polyamorous period-piece runs somewhat in opposition to the image created by the recent big summer blockbuster, I assure you, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women will more than likely feel like a necessary b-side. The story of William & Elizabeth Marston and Olive Byrne is interesting in and of itself. That lie-detector prototype the Marstons invented feels awfully similar to the Lasso of Truth, and whether or not this was intended, Angela Robinson’s upcoming film could very well end up being a form of cultural criticism in addition to its own piece of entertainment.

It certainly wouldn’t be the worst thing for teen and adult audiences with a renewed interest in the character to explore the beginnings of her legacy, amidst topics that ought to be easier to talk about. More than anything though, Professor Marston just looks like a damn good movie.

Annapurna releases the film October 27th.