Announcing The Stephen King Issue Of BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH. Magazine!

Oh yeah. We said it.

You know we're excited about this one! Today, on July 19, tickets for The Dark Tower go on sale. And along with them is an issue that BMD's been wanting to do since we first started the magazine.

Our next issue of Birth.Movies.Death. magazine celebrates the one and only King - Stephen King, that is! We're celebrating the upcoming films The Dark Tower and IT with a full-color, hyper-limited, commemorative issue that dives into King's four decades as a published author, as well as the many brilliant and horrifying adaptations of his very best works. 

This gorgeous issue features an exclusive cover by acclaimed artist and graphic designer Chris Bilheimer that honors King's best works on page and screen. And the issue will include only-available-here images and interviews with some of the best minds behind The Dark Tower and IT, including Dark Tower director Nikolaj Arcel and more! 

We're embracing everything from The Shining to The Stand, Christine to Carrie, Dead Zone to Dark Tower. Team BMD has always been impassioned devotees of all things Stephen King, and we are so excited to take that passion to the page with a magazine unlike any we've ever done before! 

We'll be talking about this issue lots in coming weeks, including giving you a couple of small sneak peeks into all of the amazing content this sucker has in store for you. But for now, hurry and pre-order your issue