Guillermo Del Toro’s THE SHAPE OF WATER Looks Slippery, Wet, And Romantic

This makes us feel feelings we didn't know we had.

Guillermo del Toro may be known as a horror filmmaker, thanks to the gruesome nature of many of his films, but his real speciality may be fairy tales. Specifically, fairy tales involving strangely loveable creatures. That's certainly the message we're getting in this trailer for del Toro's new film, The Shape of Water:

Woof. Sally Hawkins is definitely boning Doug Jones' creature in this movie, right? That's what we all want to happen? Good.

Horniness aside, there's a lot going on here: Cold-War era America, government experiments, sign language, a bonkers-great cast, BioShock-inspired art direction, and of course the Creature From the Black Lagoon romance we've always wanted deep in our hearts. Del Toro's love for classic movie monsters cannot be repressed.

The Shape Of Water releases on December 8th. I'm gagging for this to somehow get an early screening at some Texas film festival or other.