Jon Watts In Talks To Direct SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel

The director is possibly looking to return to your favorite neighborhood web-head's stomping grounds.

In a development that will surprise approximately no one, Variety is reporting that director Jon Watts has entered talks to return to the Spider-Man franchise and helm a follow-up to his hit Homecoming. Based on the fact that practically everyone loves this movie’s charm, it’s easy to understand why Marvel and Sony are already taking meetings with the former indie darling. Even staunch anti-MCU goofs like myself, and noted BMD contrarian Film Crit Hulk enjoyed Homecoming’s cute high school antics. 

Based on the movie’s 92% Rotten Tomatoes rating, this seems like a no-brainer for everyone involved. Some analysts have attempted to label Homecoming a commercial disappointment based on its weekend-to-weekend drops, despite taking in $472.8 million worldwide thus far. But, to be honest, Hollywood math has never made sense to anyone with a calculator – only to those manning the books behind the scenes. 

So what do you think? Stoked about Watts’ potential return to the MCU? Or would you rather see someone else step behind the camera? Sound off below in the comments and tell us what stories you’d like to see in Tom Holland’s next adventure as your friendly neighborhood web-head.