Steven Soderbergh Shot A New Movie, In Secret, On An iPhone

Dude just can't stay retired.

Steven Soderbergh allegedly retired from making movies back in 2013. His plan was likely complicated and full of caveats, but "retirement" was the general gist. Now, though, the guy just keeps making movies: he's got Logan Lucky out next month, and as Variety reports, a whole other second movie tentatively called Unsane.

The whole movie is in the can, apparently, having been shot in secret on an iPhone with actors Juno Temple and Claire Foy. No official plot details are available yet, but this could be a movie Soderbergh hinted at during a recent Reddit AMA - a film hitting similar subject material as Side Effects. The title certainly seems to support that hypothesis.

Soderbergh's project follows in the secret-movie tradition set by Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing and David Lowery's A Ghost Story. Movies made in secret are a fascinating phenomenon, and we could all benefit from more of them. The hype machine, which we at BMD knowingly feed into, can handle a few movies sneaking out unheralded.

Logan Lucky releases on August 18; Soderbergh also has a project called Mosaic over at HBO, starring Sharon Stone and a "choose-your-own-adventure" narrative format. Busy man.