Because this decade needed its own BODY SNATCHERS.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers is one of those evergreen stories that can mean different things depending on who reads it and when. The notion of our friends and family being replaced, invisibly, by unfeeling alien replicas, is a potent one, always liable to conjure up a chilly feeling or two. That's probably why the 1954 novel has sparked no less than four film adaptations: in 1956, 1978 (the best one, don't @ me), 1993, and 2007 (the worst one, nobody will @ me on that count).

It may also be why Warner Brothers is, according to Deadline, setting up another remake, under producer John Davis (Predator, The Blacklist). The Conjuring 2 and Orphan writer David Leslie Johnson is on first-draft duty, it seems, though there's no information as to the approach he'll be taking. Hopefully it's more consistent in its vision than the studio's last attempt.

Body Snatchers has, in the past, been a parable for the Cold War; cults; militarism; and whatever the hell The Invasion was about. It's such a classic sci-fi story that I literally already had a tab open to buy the '78 film when this news hit. What could a 2018 or 2019 Body Snatchers comment upon? Sound off in, well, the comments.