JIGSAW Is Back, Baby! And There’s A Trailer To Prove It!

Lionsgate revives Jigsaw and even lets him have a real trailer this time.

All I've asked for over the years, besides financial security and good health, is for Lionsgate/Twisted Pictures to bring the Saw series back at some point, because the last one was called The Final Chapter and that has always proven to be bullshit (in Friday the 13th's case, the period between its "Final Chapter" and the next one was the shortest gap between movies in the entire series). Year after year I kept hope alive, but as other series revivals fell apart or flopped, it seemed less and less likely that I'd ever again be able to spend the weekend before Halloween trying to figure out the twist ending before it was revealed to the audience (my final score, by the way, was one out of seven). But finally, after a few rumors swirled around last year, Saw 8, renamed Jigsaw, is really coming - and there's even a trailer to prove it.

(I still don't have financial security or good health though.)

And when I say trailer I mean a real one - this is two and a half minutes and you can get a pretty good idea of what the movie is about. The last few entries didn't really bother with such formalities, opting to hide their storyline and only present teasers that more or less boiled down to "There's a new Saw movie, go see it." But the annual obligation died with Final Chapter (for many it died 2-3 installments before that, in fact), so they thankfully knew better than to just assume anyone besides me would show up without actually being hooked in by an actual premise. I gotta say, it was a smart gambit - I was in the bag for this anyway, but a few others I've talked to (i.e. people who might not be as excited) agree that this looks like a step in the right direction and could very easily get the series back on track.

For starters, it looks fun! There's an honest to god laugh from one of the victims' reactions to seeing the Billy puppet, and many of the traps have a certain gonzo charm to them that should provide a welcome change of pace to the usual "You have a bolt through your hand and you need to pull it off or Jigsaw will immolate you while crushing your head with a vice" kinda stuff. I particularly liked the one that looks like the victims are trapped in sand and need to dodge sharp metal objects being hurled down at them (presumably either to kill each other with or use to escape if they don't get hit by them first), and there's a Saw V-esque one involving everyone being pulled at once toward certain doom that should offer early nail-biter fun. And setting the trailer to Roy Orbison's "Running Scared" instead of the usual Charlie Clouser theme is another inspired choice, subtly promising something new instead of the same ol' same old.

The other thing that struck me as inspired: new locations! I love the movies but I grew mighty tired of seeing tunnels and dungeons all the time. Saw 3D opened things up a bit with the series' first (!) exterior trap, but this looks like it's doubled down on that approach, with numerous exteriors to be found just in this two minutes of footage, and a number of traps look like they're staged inside a giant barn. For a series that was synonymous with Halloween for a while (and yes, that old tagline is invoked), they weren't really in the spirit of the holiday in my opinion - to me October 31st is about mischief, and hayrides and things like that. It seems the new creative team (directors Michael and Peter Spierig, working from a script by Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg) share my sentiment, and aimed to make something that seems a bit more seasonal than its predecessors. That said, there's still plenty of evidence that proves this isn't a reboot that will ignore the series' history - a number of the old traps are shown, and it seems like whoever is impersonating Jigsaw is fond of using his trademark mini-cassette tapes.

But that's my over-excited fanwank - what do you guys think? Particularly, the many of you who hate or got quickly tired of these things and wouldn't be likely to see a new one sight unseen? This look like something that can get you back on board? Sound off below, under the just-released poster that invokes the classic Pigman mask instead of John Kramer or Billy, another slight acknowledgement that they're not looking to coast on expectations but aren't pulling a total 180 on the die-hard fans who, let's face it, are probably going to be the only ones who show up anyway.