John Boyega Pilots A Jaeger In PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING Viral Video

Gipsy Danger is back in action.

We’re seven months away from a new Pacific Rim movie. I never manage to retain the fact that it’s called Pacific Rim: Uprising (my brain still calls it Pacific Rim: Maelstrom) but said uprising appears to be the focus of the film’s first pseudo-trailer, an in-universe viral video about all your favourite gigantic toys:

I have to admit, despite the lack of Guillermo Del Toro, Travis Beacham and Charlie Hunnam (any dissent against the Hunnster in the comments will result in an INSTANT BANNING), I’m pretty excited for this for a couple of reasons. One, more Mako Mori. Two, more Jaegers, as evidenced by this sweet GLaDOS-narrated video (it’s weird that she’s a regular fixture of this universe). And three, John Boyega, who we’re all going to look back on as a sci-fi legend when he makes genre TV cameos in his fifties.

What is the Jaeger uprising? I don’t know, but a Jaeger is you… times a thousand. Sure. Why not!

Pacific Rim: Uprising drifts into theatres (not bad, eh?) on February 22nd.