Loki Is Your New Sorcerer Supreme

It’s like Hiddleston replacing Cumberbatch, but in comics.

Doctor Strange #27 arrives this November. It’s going to see a pretty big change for the Marvel universe, and given how long these things have been lasting off late, don’t count on this being a six-issue publicity stunt. Everybody’s favourite God of Mischief is going to be replacing Stephen Strange as the Sorcerer Supreme.

The title of Sorcerer Supreme has fallen to some pretty responsible folks in the main Marvel continuity – Merlin, The Ancient One, Sir Isaac Newton (no, really) - but this is the first time someone not so trustworthy is going to take on the mantle. They’ll enter the fray alongside the book’s new creative team, writer Donny Cates (IDW’s Star Trek) and artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Vision, Magneto).

Oh, and in case you were relieved this was a lateral move for diversity, with one straight cisgender white dude replacing another, Loki is bisexual and genderfluid in the comics. So, nyah.