Marvel’s RUNAWAYS Gets A 2017 Premiere Date

Sooner than expected!

This is embarrassing. I take pride in signing off news articles with release dates, and as far as I knew, Runaways would run its way on to Hulu in 2018. Sure, we may be getting the show earlier than expected, but now I have to go back and delete everything I’ve ever written.

Deadline reports that the first of Runaways’ ten episodes arrives November 21st, which is almost 2018 in my defense. The show looks pretty sweet. It’s got a great cast, and you can expect that official trailer to drop any day now. As someone who loves the heck out of the Runaways comics, and as someone with a Hulu account, colour me very excited for this one.

Okay. Let’s try this again… Marvel’s Runaways runs this way in four months time. Yes! Still got it.