Taraji P. Henson Points Guns At Things In The PROUD MARY Trailer

A strong addition to 2017's cinematic leather couture.

Yesterday we brought you a lovely poster for Taraji P. Henson's lady-assassin movie Proud Mary. The film's marketing department wasn't satisfied with that, though, as it turns out the poster was merely an appetite-whetter for another appetite-whetter. Here's the trailer, released today:

Look, this trailer isn't that great - it feels more like an internal footage presentation than a theatrical piece of advertising. Its editing emphasises really odd elements, and its shot choices are strange and dialogue-free enough to make one question how much footage was available to cut from. It also tells us next to nothing about the story or the character.

But we're still into the idea of Taraji P. Henson as an assassin. The opening montage, with Henson Shoshanna Dreyfuss-ing up in leathers for a contract, is easily the best part of the trailer. And some of those car-chase shots look okay. Lest we forget: this is directed by the guy who brought us London Has Fallen. We're still counting on some head-stabbings.

And if that's not enough to grab you, I mean, shit. It's Taraji P. Henson. Lady could remake The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and we'd still go see it. Probably. Maybe.