Stan Lee Narrates New THE DEFENDERS Promo

Plus our first new look at The Punisher.

Something plaguing the Marvel’s Netflix shows is no matter how serious it tries to be, it’s still a goofy superhero show at the end of the day. What little we’ve seen of The Defenders seems to indicate they’ve learned (either that or everyone really hates Iron Fist behind the scenes), but one way to take these characters back to their roots is to have then narrated by none other than Stan Lee.

There isn’t a whole lot of new footage in there – it’s really just a promo for Netflix Korea – but even as a detractor of this mostly boring universe, I have to admit there’s something special about Stan Lee explaining these characters like he’s speaking to a child. Sure, out of the main characters, Lee only had a hand in creating Daredevil, but he’s synonymous with the Marvel brand to general audiences at this point, so it makes sense.

That brief tease of Frank Castle at the end is pretty neat too. He’s wearing what looks to be a comically large skull on his vest, so I’m here for it regardless of whether he’s in The Defenders or that’s our first official look at The Punisher.

The former arrives August 18th. The latter… whenever, I guess.