BREAKING: Interest Level In STAR WARS’ Rey Rises To “Sufficient”

The actual protagonist of the new trilogy will be validated via Monopoly piece.

So Hasbro put out a Star Wars-themed Monopoly set a while back that featured only male characters. (They actually tooled and released a set that featured Daisy Ridley's Rey as a game character, but said there was "insufficient" interest in Rey in the United States, so those sets were only sold overseas.) Surprise of surprises: lots of people thought this was not okay, and after a viral campaign, Hasbro is re-releasing the set in the US this month, this time including the piece that represents Rey. (Apparently for now the game is only available on Hasbro's website.)  

It's funny/sad: these stories are so commonplace now you could just use the same template and fill in the details, like a Mad Lib:

"(Tone-deaf corporation) announced today that they will be releasing (massive line of plastic products containing every character in a film/TV show), but curiously the line will not include (focal point of the intellectual property who also means the world to a heretofore marginalized portion of the audience). Fans were outraged: "How can they release a set of (product) that includes (character with no lines and ten seconds of screentime) but doesn't have (the lead character)?!"

Anyway, good news for that cross section of fandom that's all about Rey and also all about board games that take an entire eight-hour shift to play. Hit me up when there's a Planet of the Apes-branded edition of Clue or Uno.