Get your '90s Nick nostalgia kick.

Nickelodeon is in the process of reviving some of its most popular properties in the form of hourlong TV specials. A Legends of the Hidden Temple movie aired last year; Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie airs in November 2017, and Rocko's Modern Life: Static Cling will land sometime in 2018. I could take or leave Hey Arnold, and the less said about rebooting Legends, the better, but boy, could I ever go for more Rocko.

The network didn't bring a trailer for Static Cling to Comic-Con, per se, but it did bring this sneak peek, which gives a strong indication that Static Cling will hew close to the style and tone of the original series:

The special, which reunites the original voice cast and creator Joe Murray, will see Rocko returning to O-Town after spending 20 years in space, and as evidenced above, he's going to find today's new, even more-modern life even more stressful than the '90s. Which, in a number of ways, it is. But then, isn't everything stressful? Yes.

I'm just glad the special seems to retain the insane pace and goopy, expressionistic surrealism of the original show. Looking back at the show today, Rocko's Modern Life feels to me like a zany, cartoony take on Woody Allen-style neurosis, and I'm definitely down for more of that. Also, yes, I'm nostalgic for my childhood. Reserve your complaints until you're back from seeing the new Star Wars movie.

Look for Static Cling on Nickelodeon next year, if it seems like your thing.