SDCC 2017: Of Course IRON FIST Is Getting A Second Season

Everyone’s favorite show to hate is coming back!

Meredith is currently in The Defenders’ Hall H panel and will have a great write-up for you all once it’s finally over. But until then, there’s this news. And it’s like the best news ever...

Netflix is going ahead with a second season of Iron Fist. Woo-hoo!

To be honest, I never watched Iron Fist. The Luke Cage show kind of cured me of having to watch absolutely everything Marvel does with Netflix, and it didn’t help that the show looked awful and I’ve yet to meet someone who actually liked it.

And yet a second season has the air of inevitability about it. Maybe something good will come of the character in The Defenders, which I probably will watch. Maybe he’s my favorite of these jabronis and I don’t even know it! Maybe you guys will tell me how wrong I am in the comments.