#SDCC 2017: Marvel’s DEFENDERS Panel Showed Us A Sneak Of THE PUNISHER

Plus a surprise award for good ol’ Jeph Loeb.

Marvel TV honcho Jeph Loeb kicked off The Defenders panel by telling us with glee that it’s Marvel TV’s first time in Hall H. “Every other time I’ve been in this hall, I’ve been sitting where you guys are now. I am so grateful to be up here right now.” He was even more moved when he was surprised by the Inkpot Award for his excellence in comics and television, and received a standing ovation from everyone in the hall. It was really moving.

Loeb promised The Defenders panel would have surprises, and he immediately delivered on that promise. Jon Bernthal dropped by and brought us a really great clip from The Punisher.

In it we see hazy golden memories of Frank Castle teaching his daughter how to play guitar, interspersed with darker scenes of Castle playing the guitar by himself, his face twisted in agony. Then we get a series of location changes with title cards: The Punisher hunting down the men responsible for taking his family from him in Rural Alabama, Juarez, El Paso. It ends with him in an airport bathroom in JFK, where he’s found the last man. He chokes him to death in the stall and then walks out in slow-mo, zipping up his hoodie.

The footage looks great, really cool and energetic, and Bernthal is so badass in all of it. The Punisher looks like a blast. Be ready for it in November.