Y: THE LAST MAN TV Adaptation Delays: Blame Trump

An update from showrunner Michael Green.

Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra's Y: The Last Man has suffered innumerable delays in its slow journey to the screen, from rights issues to director changes to a medium shift last year. And according to a THR interview with highly geek-credible showrunner Michael Green, the latest cowpat on the dirt path to production is none other than President Donald J. Trump.

Green has turned in a draft teleplay for the pilot, which was warmly received by both Vaughan and the show's network FX, but Trump's election delayed its delivery by months. Per Green:

“It would have been a very different show, and very different development process, had the election not been as horrifying as it was. [...] I had to put the script down for a couple months and really reassess it tonally, because it became a different creature, it became violent protest. It couldn't not be political, and I had to embrace it, and I had to find my way in, and I had to find a way to channel my own dismay, disappointment and rage into it, while still keeping it what it is. For a minute there I almost walked away.”

Given the comic and show's core concept - a man and his monkey travelling through a female-dominated world after all other Y-chromosome mammals mysteriously die out - it's easy to see why the rise to power of an avowed misogynist would put a spanner in the works. 

Green and FX will reportedly be "taking their time" to bring the show to fruition - including by hiring women for both the writers' room and the production crew - and much like the comic, it will go into production with a set length and ending in sight.

"Whether it is 60, 70, or 80 episodes, I'm gonna pick a number, and I'm gonna stick to it. And I'm gonna write to it. There's so many brilliant things in that comic, the two biggest are the premise, and the ending.”

There's no target date known for Y: The Last Man, but if you want an idea of Green's work, this year alone he has credit on Logan, Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049, Murder on the Orient Express, and American Gods, on which he's co-showrunner. Busy guy, about to get busier.