SDCC 2017: Here’s What We Saw In The Exclusive AQUAMAN Footage

Including Ocean Master's army!

Jason Momoa brought down the house with an extremely exuberant entrance through the crowd and carrying Aquaman's iconic trident (quintdent?). And he brought with him a video message from director James Wan, including some SDCC-exclusive footage of 2018's Aquaman

We first see some really beautiful concept art of Atlantis and its inhabitants. It looks lush and colorful, an elaborate and beautiful fantasy world. And then we moved into real footage, which opens with two old men fishing in a tiny boat in the middle of the bluest ocean. We hear "Somewhere Beyond the Sea" playing as one of them hooks something - something big. Their boat is suddenly pulled along really quickly until the fishing rod is pulled from his hands. They look down into the water as the music swells, and the camera moves with them, taking us down, down, until we see a huge aquatic army, including some warriors riding sharks - an army that Momoa later confirmed belonged to Ocean Master (Patrick Wilson). "I'm gonna fight my brother." And then we get just a glimpse of Aquaman himself, training in a small underwater cavern. 

It looks great! The footage is really vivid and fun, super brightly colored and energetic. It's in the middle of preliminary filming right now, and arrives December 21, 2018.