SDCC 2017: BLACK LIGHTNING Panel Highlights

He's too old for this sh...

Black Lightning isn’t shying away from the shootings of people of color, the lack of representation, or the other issues that communities of color are faced with on the day-to-day. They know what they're here to say with this new show, and have no interest in subtlety. They go into it with refreshing honesty, and talk about what it is that this hero can and should mean. 

In addition to candidly taking on the story of a hero to a black neighborhood, the writers of the show also want to come into things discussing both sides of the story. Police brutality will be focused on, but so will the notion that there’s a huge issue with violence within communities of color. The team also stressed a strong focus on the importance of the representation of the show. The message is specific, but the writers feel that it's also universal, and they're excited to get it out into the world.

Since they could share so few details, the panel gave us a closer look at what the show will be at its core. Black Lightning's premise revolves around a retired hero who put his faith in the system. He stepped back from his role as that hero to take on the role that was the most important to him: father. The violence in his community, and the failure of the system to protect those around him is what pulls him out of retirement, and we'll see a lot of focus on what that means for him and his family. His eldest daughter shares his powers, but wants to find her own way, while the youngest remains powerless and has her own arc to tell. Black Lightning will certainly revolve around a hero, but it will focus heavily on family, community, and the love that builds heroes up and helps them take the world onto their shoulders.

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