SDCC 2017: BLADE RUNNER 2049 Exclusive Footage

This panel had a Jared Leto hologram!

The Blade Runner 2049 panel hilariously opened with a hologram of Jared Leto, but we also had some attendees in the flesh, including director Denis Villeneuve and stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling. We saw some brand-new footage, as well as a Hall H-spanning timeline that details what exactly has happened in the chronology beginning with the original film and ending thirty years after the events of Blade Runner

In the footage, we see Gosling's Officer K walking through a hallway of "ancient model" replicants, being led by Sylvia Hoeks' character. She takes him to a high-security room, brings out a small crystal ball and inserts it into a laptop, and it brings up close-up footage of an eyeball while we hear Deckard conducting a replicant analysis. K says the replicant "likes him, this Officer Deckard. She's trying to provoke him." Hoeks replies, "It's invigorating being asked personal questions. It makes you feel desired."

After the footage, moderator Chris Hardwick asked Villeneuve why he wanted to direct a sequel to Blade Runner, and Villeneuve had the perfect answer: "Because I didn't want anyone else to fuck it up." When asked if 2049 provided him any answers to questions he had lingering from the original film, Ford mused for a few minutes before growling, "It doesn't matter what I think." 

And when a fan asked Ford if it's his life's goal to reboot every major franchise he's ever starred in, Ford yelled, "You bet your ass it is!" It was the last question, and a hell of a way to end the panel. Blade Runner 2049 arrives October 6.