SDCC 2017: CAPTAIN MARVEL Will Battle The Skrulls In The ‘90s

Wait, WHAT?

Avengers: Infinity War is set to be the first appearance of Carol Danvers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of us just assumed she'd show up as a civilian or Air Force Major, then a superhero-in-training in her solo film, before going full blown sparkle-fists leading into the big 2019 Avengers finale.

Just how wrong were we? Uh... pretty wrong. 

As previously rumoured, Nick Fury will in fact co-star in this film, and he'll also have two working eyes. Not because he gets his good eye back, but because the movie takes place before the first Iron Man. WAY before the first Iron Man, in the 1990s - and Carol's going to fight THE SKRULLS.

If the concept art shown at Hall H is anything to go by, our favourite green & purple Marvel regulars are going to look pretty comic accurate. And since a lot of this Marvel universe is based on the idea that the Chitauri were the first major alien invasion in The Avengers, I have a feeling this battle isn't going to be entirely Earth-bound. Will we see Mar-Vell show up in some form too? Man, what a whirlwind of crazy Marvel news.

Captain Marvel arrives March 8th 2019, and it sounds way, way out there.