SDCC 2017: LEGENDS OF TOMORROW Panel Highlights

Yeah, they broke time again. It's fine

When we left the Legends of Tomorrow last season, we knew that they had broken time a little bit more than they had in the past. Their panel at SDCC confirmed just how up a creek these heroes are, but it also gave us a few tidbits that are worth sharing before we head into the new season in October.

“Legends never die” is uttered in the footage that we saw in Ballroom 20, and they quickly confirmed that the tease means exactly what you think it does, though it won’t mean the man we lost back in season one, Captain Cold, will be returning to Legends of Tomorrow. It sounds like he’ll be a member of the Legends again, but the heroic Captain of yore is gone. For now, of course. That pesky heroism has a way of rearing its head at the least desirable of times.

Since the ensemble of villains worked out so well for them in season two, Legends of Tomorrow will be returning to that same format. They didn’t give us the full line-up, but we do know that Kuasa (from Vixen) will be on team baddie, and that Damein Darhk isn’t as gone as the Legends may have hoped. The Damien that the team will encounter in this coming season will have much less of a funny bone than the Legends have come to expect, so it will be interesting to see how the hero/villain dynamic plays out moving forward. There was also a tease of a potentially non-human villain, but nothing more was said on the subject. What we’ve got so far isn’t quite the Legion of Doom, but it sounds as if there’s lots of opportunity for some villainous hijinks after the Legends finish dealing with Rip’s new Time Bureau.

Those of you who have been asking about Constantine since his show’s untimely cancellation—Guggenheim has confirmed that conversations (good conversations) have happened, but was as tight-lipped as ever after the small tease.

The other tidbits we learned are mostly character focused. We will very likely meet Ray’s evil brother. The idea of watching Routh playing a baddie while also playing the ever-optimistic Ray Palmer is an exciting one, whether it’s a one-off or not. The team confirmed that we will be seeing Gideon in the flesh again, but gave no details as to when, and also introduced the newest Legend, Zari. She’s from the broken future that occurs after the events of 2017, so it’s safe to assume that we will once again see some political and social commentary in Legends of Tomorrow’s coming season.