SDCC 2017: Please Enjoy These RIVERDALE Panel Highlights

The team behind the CW's newest smash hit was just getting started in season one!

If you thought the first season of Riverdale was great, it looks like season two will be bringing in more of the big guns. We kicked things off in the panel with a blooper reel and a first look at season one, which will include whole new twists and turns for the residents of Riverdale. If you felt like you just didn't get enough in the show's shorter first season, worry not-- season two will be a full twenty-two episode run.

When asked what that meant for their options for storyline, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (showrunner) promised that we'd be seeing even more of the plots we loved back in season one, as well as a lot more opportunity to explore relationships between characters that we maybe didn't get to see as much as we wanted.

As for that pesky cliffhanger after the shooting of Fred Andrews, we're assured that we'll be finding out his fate by the end of episode one. KJ Appa (Archie Andrews) mentioned that regardless of Fred's final fate, we'll be seeing more of a darker Archie in the coming season, and it seems he wont be the only one. Betty, Veronica, and Cheryl will be heading into darker grounds. In Betty's case, we'll just be exploring what was already hinted at when she felt her friends and family were threatened. In Veronica's case, her darkness will manifest in two separate areas.

First, Hyrim's back, and girl's got daddy issues. She would love to trust him, but knows she can't, and that's going to result in an interesting dynamic for her moving forward. V will also be getting a visitor from her past in New York. A no-good ex will be coming back into her life, and she and the rest of the ladies of Riverdale will be going all dark no stars on him in episode three. As for Cheryl, well, she burned her house down at the end of the season. Y'all know where that's going. Despite her going down a darker (and meaner) road, we will see Cheryl take the reigns of her life back moving forward.

In addition to exploring more of the characters we know and love (more Kevin Keller is definitely in our future!), we'll be seeing some new faces in Riverdale. Tony Topez will be headed to Southside High to act as a guide for our favorite weirdo, Jughead. Tony's described as a female Jughead, and may be causing a problem or two for Juggie and Betty's relationship. The showrunners are excited to bring Tony into the fray, and have confirmed that she will be bisexual as she is in the comics. Aguirre-Sacasa also continued the trend of hinting very heavily at Sabrina, but no confirmations have come our way yet.

With the longer season, we'll also be getting more of the Pussycats. The showrunners are very excited to be able to explore Josie's relationship with her family more. At the moment it sounds like it will just be the dynamic between Josie and her mother, but they do have hope to dive into more conflict wiht her father in the second half of the season. We'll have more music numbers, including one in episode two that the ladies are all very excited to bring into the fold. As far as romance checkups go, it sounds like Josie might be cuddling up to the new Reggie moving into the new season.

It's not all murder in Riverdale. The humor and wit that fans grew to love in season one will be just as present moving into season two, and those wee little Blossom-Cooper babies will be making their debut at some point as well. We're promised more girl-power, intrigue, and a whole lot of mystery heading into this chapter. What are you most looking forward to in the coming season?