SDCC 2017: THE FLASH Panel Highlights

Machette joins The Flash. But really.

Alright guys, lets talk about The Flash! Last season we moved into darker territory, and while there was some potential there, the move didn't work so well for the show. Don't worry, you're not the only one who noticed. The showrunners did too, and we’re returning to that lighter tone that made The Flash stand out.

Things will kick off with the team dealing with the loss of Barry. There's no word on how long he’ll be gone, but since we all know that's not lasting, it's not really worth more than that. Along with the loss of Barry came the loss of Caitlin, but Danielle Panabaker assures that both Caitlin and Killer Frost fans will be happy in season four.

They're moving back to their old tone, but they've still got some new tricks up their sleeves. We didn't get a lot of plot details, but we did learn that Danny Freakin’ Trejo will be joining the cast. Gypsy’s dad, Breacher, will be joining the fray, and Trejo will be the one to bring him to life. We’ve also learned that The Thinker will indeed be the villain in the coming season (after many teases last year). 

Other than that, we’ll be checking out how the team functions without Barry, and getting Iris to believe that he can be saved from the Speedforce. Iris will be acting as boss lady of Team Flash, calling back to the brother/sister team up we saw between her and Wally in Flashpoint. Let us know what you're excited for in the comments!