SDCC 2017: WESTWORLD Brought Exclusive Footage Of Season 2 To Hall H

Even though they’ve only been filming a week!

Westworld’s second season airs on HBO in 2018, and today just about the entire cast and crew came to Hall H for a very well-mannered panel. With such a secretive show, nothing was really revealed for next season, but they did show us about 90 seconds of footage from the second season. 

Compelling, no? The audience went nuts at that scene of Dolores shooting down the guests with righteous fury, and at the Man in Black's knowing grin. 

One more S2 hint: when asked if we'll see any of the teased Samurai World, co-creator Jonathan Nolan asked, "How much do you want to see?" His tone and answer felt a little leading, but honestly, who knows with this show.