IRON FIST Showrunner Scott Buck Will No Longer Show-Run IRON FIST

Farewell, sweet prince.

It's a sad day for us Randians. While we'll see our beloved Danny return for a second season, it won't be under the tutelage of Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck. It hurts to still call him that. The wound is still too fresh.

EW is the bearer of these sad tidings (I know emotions are running high, but please don't shoot the messenger), and they report Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck is being replaced by Sleepy Hollow and Daybreak Exec. Producer Raven Metzner. That's what they report, certainly, but we know the truth. Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck can never truly be replaced. 

Here's what Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb had to say about this monstrous betrayal:

"Raven’s love of all things Iron Fist and his extensive knowledge of martial arts films made him the perfect choice to continue telling the adventures of Danny Rand and Colleen Wing,” he said. “Season One and The Defenders are only the beginning of this fantastic action packed tale.”

Sure, Jeph. Keep pretending like "Iron Fist showrunner Raven Metzner" has the same ring to it.

Iron Fist season 2 has no releae date as of this time. Probably because they miss Iron Fist showrunner Scott Buck already and are figuring out ways to bring him back. #JusticeForIronFistShowrunnerScottBuck