SDCC 2017: THE FLASH Season 4 Trailer Teases Barry’s Return

Time to reset again.

I have a major bone to pick with how The Flash concluded its third season (arrgghhh) but at the same time, these characters, actors and writers and their potential for wonderful things have been worth waiting for in the past. So, keeping that benefit of doubt in mind, here's the trailer for the show's upcoming fourth season:

Iris looks like she'll have an actual arc! Caitlyn's back with the team too, which is nice, but I can't help but wonder if jumping right back in to getting Barry out of the Speed Force is just another short cut return to the status quo. Amelia's Comic Con panel highlights seem to tease some interesting things on the horizon (like Danny Trejo?!?), so I'm still very much Team Flash, albeit with reservations.

The Flash returns October 10th.