Here’s A Gorgeous New Pair Of DARK TOWER Posters

In which Jae Lee gets back in the Mid-World game.

If you're a Dark Tower mega-nerd, you're probably already familiar with the name Jae Lee. The artist, who's been working in the comics industry for years, turned in countless pages of brilliant work on Marvel's long-running Dark Tower series; his highly-stylized and often surreal renderings fit Mid-World like a glove.

Well, now Sony's gone and commissioned two pieces of Dark Tower art from Lee, in anticipation of Nikolaj Arcel's forthcoming film. They are, as you might expect, gorgeous.

Here's Idris Elba's Roland, hoisting his trademark firearms.

And here's Matthew McConaughey's Walter (the infamous "Man in Black" Stephen King namedrops in the first book's iconic opening line). Neither one of these likenesses are completely on-point - Elba's head looks like a bullet, and McConaughey barely looks like McConaughey - but that's part and parcel with all of Lee's work. The stylization he brings to his illustrations is part of what makes the art so striking. 

Anyway, pretty cool posters! Will the movie be pretty cool, too? We'll find out soon enough: The Dark Tower opens on August 4th.