It’s Official: James Bond Returns To Theaters In November 2019

But who's playing Bond? Who's directing? Why didn't Phil write up this post?

Stand by for an important and largely uninformative announcement from the official James Bond Twitter handle...

So, not much to go on here! We don't know if Daniel Craig's returning to the role, we don't know who's directing, we don't have a title. All we know is that on November 8th, 2019, a new James Bond film will be unleashed upon the United States ("with a traditional earlier release in the UK and the rest of the world"). Not mentioning Craig feels particularly egregious here, but who knows what it might mean.

On a related note: this post really should've been written by our resident Bond expert, Phil Nobile Jr., but Phil is currently doing whatever the hell it is Phil does when he's not logged into Slack, making my life difficult. I'm sure he'll be along soon enough with his own thoughts on the matter (and who knows, maybe even a little informed insight), but for now we wanted to get the facts out in front of you: new Bond, November 2019. 

What do you want to see them do with it? Sound off below.