Let’s Take A Look At The Stephen King Easter Eggs Hidden Within THE DARK TOWER

Sony wants you to know how Stephen King-nerdy THE DARK TOWER's gonna be.

Our friends over at Entertainment Weekly have a brand-new teaser for The Dark Tower this morning, this one focused on a parade of Stephen King references which have apparently threaded throughout Nikolaj Arcel's film. Some of these - like the remains of Pennywise's Carnival (seen above) or the framed photo of the Overlook Hotel that can be glimpsed inside Jake's psychiatrist's office (see below) - were already seen in a previous iteration of the Dark Tower trailer...but there's also a bunch of news ones!

Let's see what we can see.

Above, the aforementioned photo of the Overlook Hotel. In The Dark Tower, Jake - along with the rest of the psychic-powered kids working on behalf of Walter (Matthew McConaughey) to bring down the Tower - will have "The Shine". It's explicitly referred to that way in the film.

Here's a shot of Roland approaching a doorway covered with a poster that will be familiar to anyone who's seen Frank Darabont's The Shawshank Redemption. Presumably Roland is not chasing Andy Dufresne through that doorway.

We'd heard that Cujo (from, you guessed it, Cujo) would have a cameo in the film, and here he is, strolling down a street in Manhattan and looking decidedly less rabid than the last time we saw him. 

Above, we're getting our first good look at one of Walter's "Breakers" (the psychic kids who use their powers to break down the powerful beams holding the Tower in place), along with a bunch of 19's, a number with great significance in the Dark Tower universe. We'll be seeing that number many times in Arcel's film.

I suppose we could chalk this sign up to either a Stand By Me or Cujo reference, but my suspicion is that it's just a fake-out threat hung on the door of the House on Dutch Hill, which Jake will have to pass through in order to gain entry to Mid-World (there's no dog behind that door, but there is a Doorway Demon).

Hey, look, it's Christine!

Another look at The Dark Tower's Breakers. These twins may or may not be a callback to the Grady twins who menaced Danny Torrance in The Shining. In the background, that's Algul Siento, the faux town where all the Breakers are kept under lock and key by Walter.

This writer still hasn't read Mr. Mercedes (cry pardon), but still: I know a Mr. Mercedes reference when I see one. That message on the wall is the same one the book's titular serial killer uses to taunt the novel's hero cop.

Speaking of Walter, turns out he's a Paul Sheldon fan! Here we see a copy of one of Paul's books (name-checked during Misery) alongside a terminal somewhere in the bowels of Algul Siento. 

And, finally, here we have Roland, Jake and a person I believe to be one of the Manni elders facing down one of North Central Positronics' many doorways. That 14-08 is surely a callback to the King short story/film of the same name. 

Aaaand that about does it! You can see all of these in action for yourself at this link, or you can head on down to the comments to debate whether or not this many winking Stephen King nods are a good or bad thing. 

PS: The Dark Tower is almost here. It hits theaters on August 4th.