SDCC 2017: ARROW Season 6 Trailer Brings Back The Sins Of The Father

Can the show keep up its string of hits?

Arrow managed to pull a bright rabbit out of a rather grim top hat in its fifth year. It challenged the nature of Oliver Queen, and by proxy the nature of the show itself, going on to become the series' only consistently good set of twenty-something episodes.

Will the sixth season follow suit? Here's what it looks like so far:

About half of that is a recap, though it's a pretty well-deserved victory lap. Oliver's never been a great dude, and the show refused to go all the way in rubbing his nose in his mistakes, even when his loved ones perished. That is, until its most recent season, which pulls of the unthinkable: balancing the character-centric comedy of a diverse cast with white-man-pain being tortured out of our guilty hero. Now, it looks like The Hood/The Vigilante/The Arrow/Green Arrow will have to step up and be a dad to an estranged son, who's mother is apparently dead because of him. 

Plus, it looks like Manu Bennett's Deathstroke, far and away the show's most charismatic character, will be making a handful of appearances. You can check out our Comic Con coverage to see what other Arrow secrets were revealed as we wait for the show to return. 

See you in Star City on October 11th.