SDCC 2017: SUPERNATURAL Panel Highlights

Carry on my wayward sons...

Supernatural headed to SDCC with two big surprises. The team kicked things off with none other than Kansas to do a live performance of “Carry On My Wayward Son”, but, unfortunately, we all know what that songs leads to.

Just kidding, y’all. They aren’t going anywhere (yet).

Bob Singer, Andrew Dabb, and Team Free Will all sat down with us in Hall H to talk about the upcoming season. They brought our friendly neighborhood God (Rob Benedict) and Gabriel (Richard Speight Jr.) to moderate for their epic thirteenth season kick-off.

Right off the bat, let’s just clear up the fact that Castiel is fine. Not only was Misha Collins there with us at the panel, but Singer confirmed that Cas will be returning. He’s got that Devil spawn to deal with next season, after all.

They didn’t give us exact details, but Dabb and Singer also confirmed that we will be seeing a lot of old faces moving forward, and not just in the Apocalypse World. Old friends will be joining us while the boys figure out just how to deal with their little spawn of Satan problem.

Speaking of the little bundle of joy, they mentioned that the Winchesters will be handling the evil kidlet very differently. It goes exactly the way you’d expect. Dean’s not about it, and Sam wants to try and save him (it?). In true Winchester fashion, they’ll be split on their mother as well. Sammy will stick to his ever-present hope and is on team “Mom Lives”. Dean is not as hopeful, but he did end last season by having an exceptionally bad day, so he’ll come around.  Mary’s fine too, by the by. There was no word on how she and Lucifer would react to each other, but I imagine it will be more of a “we need each other” situation than an “I’m going to kill you” one.

All in all, it sounds like we’ve got a lot of things to look forward to going into next year’s season. If there’s something specific you’re looking forward to, sound off in the comments!