Bond Talk After Dark: Emergency BOND 25 Edition

Leaving Daniel Craig's name off today's announcement really messed with our heads. But there's more news tonight.

Eon Productions surprised everyone today by announcing a release date for Bond 25 - November 8th, 2019. That's four goddamn years after Spectre. Oof. And the most intriguing part of the announcement is that they didn’t say Daniel Craig was returning. It may or may not shock you to learn that people are reading the living shit out of those tea leaves. Theories:

Craig is not returning, otherwise they'd have said so today;

Craig is not returning, and someone spiteful at Eon decided to derail his upcoming Logan Lucky press tour;

Craig is returning and they’re milking this shit for all it’s worth. 

It could be anything at this point. But a firm release date (it will open earlier in the UK and elsewhere) suggests they’ve found a distributor, and for whatever reason they are hanging back a year longer than was expected (or hoped). It’s also quite easy to imagine a scenario in which Craig wanted to wait, and they’re simply waiting for him. Because if it’s a new guy, why are we adding another year onto the delay? Are they all that concerned with “spacing out” Craig’s era and the new guy’s? I doubt it. Either way, four-year gaps have gotten us Casino Royale and Skyfall, so I’ll take those odds.

Just for funsies, throw this one on the fire: as of tonight, The New York Times is saying Craig is back

The companies said in a statement that details about a distribution partner, international release dates and the film’s cast and director would be announced “at a later date.” But Mr. Craig’s return is a done deal, according to two people briefed on the matter, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid conflicts with Eon and MGM.

Huh. The NYT isn't exactly the Mirror, so it seems as if they have the inside scoop. On the less official front, I have read thoughts from someone I believe to be close wth the production that the Broccolis are looking to do one more Bond then sell the franchise off, a la George Lucas/Star Wars/Disney. If that comes to pass, it will be interesting times indeed for Ian Fleming's gentleman spy.