Fede Alvarez, Simon Barrett And Jason Eisener To Collaborate On UNTITLED TECHNO THRILLER

That's one helluva genre trio.

Now there's three names that get this writer pretty revved for whatever their currently Untitled Techno Thriller turns out to be.

Sure, Simon Barrett and Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch was a letdown, but Barrett’s scripts for that duo’s The Guest and A Horrible Way to Die were aces (as were the movies themselves). I was really into Fede Alvarez’s People Under the Stairs riff, Don’t Breathe when I saw it back at SXSW last year – despite the icky sexual assault that caps its final reel. And Jason Eisener has been absent from the director’s chair for far too long, as his Troma-inspired blast of ultraviolence, Hobo With a Shotgun, is one of the few entries into the faux grindhouse canon that’s wholly entertaining.

What’s the movie going to be about? Who the fuck knows. Details on even a basic logline are currently under wraps, but with Eisener directing, Barrett writing, and Alvarez producing (under the questionably named Bad Hombre banner he helped create with co-producers Good Universe) there’s a solid chance this is going to be a uniquely fascinating project. Hopefully it doesn’t delay Eisner’s punk gang fever dream New York City Outlaws (which is being penned by former Drafthouse mega-weirdo Zack Carlson and Vulcan Video madman, Bryan Connolly) too long, as I’m also dying to take a trip back to grimy NYC with that trio.