SDCC 2017: The Defenders Dish On Their Coming Season

Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist walk into Comic Con. All survive.

Last in our gauntlet of The Defenders conversations are the heroes themselves. Unfortunately Krystin Ritter was unable to make the interview, but we got plenty from Mike Colter, Finn Jones, and Charlie Cox.

Mike Colter and Finn Jones surprised us at Denver Comic Con with a strong chemistry. Despite hesitations with Iron Fist, the two’s connection really helped get a spark of excitement going for The Defenders. When asked about what made their chemistry so great, the guys had similar answers.

Finn: It was just very natural. I don’t think we put any pressure on ourselves to create something. When you put too much pressure on yourselves to create a chemistry you actually do the opposite. The great thing about it was Marco (Ramirez) and how he wrote the scenes between us. If it wasn’t for Marco’s great writing with those scenes, I don’t think the chemistry would be as good as it is. So really I think Marco did a great job bringing this relationship to life. We just played the parts as best we could. We have a great relationship.

Mike: Yeah, I would say it starts on the page. I give credit to the writers and all that, but in the same token, if it doesn’t work out I’m going to say something to them. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t, and it all has nothing to do with me. We do our best to kind of fill out these roles.

Finn: It’s nice that there’s more to Danny and Luke than just being BFFS. There’s conflict, there’s tension, there’s a clash of ideas and culture. And that what’s really fascinating about the partnership between the two of us, I think.

Daredevil was the kick-off for this portion of the universe. Matt Murdock is constantly facing trial after trial, but it seems reasonable to assume that teaming up with other heroes, and subsequently having to trust those heroes, would be one of the toughest challenges of them all.

Charlie: I think Matt is incredibly cynical about – he barely trusts himself as someone with abilities and therefore it’s impossible for him to trust someone else with those powers. I think it’s terrifying to him. He has no interest in teaming up, and never has. That’s the great lesson coming out of season two, is that working by himself isn’t working. It’s not effective, and he needs to be open minded to the idea of working with other people. The real fun of the show is the answer to this question. “What is his opinion of these three and how does that opinion change?” Particularly when it comes to Jessica. I think that they initially start off not liking each other. They’re too similar. They’re too stubborn, they’re too opinionated and they don’t have time for each other. The stuff that I liked filming the most were those later scenes with Kristin where they, against their will, kind of like and respect each other. They’d never tell the other person that! That was really fun to play with, and Kristin Ritter is amazing.

The rest of The Defenders all share Matt’s cynicism to one degree or another, but there’s one glaring difference between Daredevil and his teammates: a secret identity. Obviously this will cause a problem or two, whether it be for Matt himself, or the rest of his team. Thankfully, Charlie gave us a little bit more information on what that will look like heading into this season.

Charlie: Initially I think that’s the thing that’s most terrifying to him. He has a secret identity for a very clear, particular reason, which is that he believes it protects the people he loves. I really struggled with him taking Jessica’s scarf and suddenly becoming Daredevil. Now someone knows. Someone that he doesn’t know or trust for a second knows, and as soon as that person knows, what does that mean? A lot of conversations came up about that. In the end, the decision had to be made that somehow he knew that no matter what this was, it was bigger than that. He had to trust in the others' discretion. But there’s that whole sequence in the Chinese restaurant where he’s still wearing the scarf, you know? That’s one of the things that I love about the show is that all of our shows have been quite serious. They’re tonally quite dark. You can’t put someone like Matt Murdock, who wears a superhero costume, in a room with Jessica Jones and not make jokes. You have to find the lightheartedness of it, and I think Marco did a wonderful job finding that line. You want it to feel like the stakes are high, you want it to feel like things are serious and dark, but you’ve also got to make jokes about the guy who’s wearing the red pantsuit.

The Defenders heads to Netflix August 18th