ANGEL HAS FALLEN Finally Gets A Director

Let’s get this show on the road!

So many great movies are waiting for us in the future, and I am excited for them all. But few inspire anticipation in my as much as Angel has Fallen. Not only did Olympus has Fallen come out of nowhere to become a perfect piece of vile, violent garbage, but its sequel managed to somehow live up to its predecessor. I want this to be my forever trilogy.

But it’s going to take the right director to get us there. Someone who knows to let Mike Banning’s murderous freak flag fly. According to Variety, that responsibility will fall into the hands of Ric Roman Waugh.

Waugh has directed a couple films, 2008’s Felon and this year’s Shot Caller. I haven’t seen either, but both look suitably gross and hard-edged. London director Babak Najafi was unknown to me as well and knocked that ball out of the park. Here’s hoping Waugh can do the same.

What makes me happiest is the indication that this film is starting to really move toward production. This time, terrorists are after Banning instead of the president and the action takes place on Air Force One's limited space. Man, I am fucking into that.