Rumors Of Damon Lindelof’s WATCHMEN Series May Have Been Exaggerated

Sounds like that HBO series might not be quite as "in the works" as we thought.

Remember last month when we heard that Damon Lindelof (LOST, Prometheus) was in talks to bring Watchmen to HBO as a series? 

Well, about that:

"As of right now, I haven’t had any meetings with HBO about Watchmen."

That's Lindelof speaking to TV Line in a new interview (as quoted by the Playlist), walking back the story that made the rounds about a month ago. Lindelof goes on to say:

"I’ve been very vocal about my love for those twelve issues…that they were completely and totally inspiring for all the storytelling that I did subsequently, and that I owe a debt to it. I do feel like I have to weigh the balance of ‘should it exist’ before I decide to take it on, and I’m sort of in that process now. I hold the source material in such high regard, it would literally be the worst feeling in the world to screw it up…all I can say is I’m thinking about Watchmen a lot right now.” 

Y'know, Lindelof's taken quite a beating in the press over the past decade or so, but credit where credit's due: Watchmen really should've existed as an HBO series before anything else, and Lindelof really should be thinking things through long and hard before attempting to mount this adaptation. If he wants to take his time with it and make sure everything's adding up, well, we're way more onboard with that than we'd be a rush job. Let the man have his time, in other words.

For now, this one sounds like it's on hold. How's that make you feel? Sound off in the comments below.